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DIY Wild Things Megapost

Published November 24, 2009 by Graham

A month after the premiere, people around the globe are still creating amazing homages to Where the Wild Things Are. We’ve received so many great emails in the past few weeks, we had to share a few of our favorites. Check out the parade of adorable costumes and art projects. These smiling wolf-suited kids are so sweet, I can already feel the diabetes setting in.

Spanish street artist Rodriguez Ledesma transformed a crumbling wall into a vision of Carol taking Max for a ride. Max Records sent us that fantastic photo of a jack-o-lantern– carved by his social studies teacher. Stop-motion animator Jessica Bayliss‘ larger than life Carol costume is one of the most brilliantly detailed we’ve seen yet. And cartoonist Steven Weissman’s sketches of the Wild Things playing chess and Rampage (the arcade classic) are positively inspired.

Last but not least, don’t miss this clip of rad pint-sized skater George Karvounis tearing up the skate park in a Max costume!

Kenneth Cappello’s Acid Drop

Published November 4, 2009 by Graham


David LaChapelle cohort and rad fashion photographer Kenneth Cappello wasn’t always entrenched in the glamorous world of Hollywood starlets– once upon a time Cappello was just another punk kid in Houston, Texas, taking pictures of his friends on their boards. In his collection Acid Drop, the sharply observant photographer teleports us to a moment of idealized suburban angst, eye-popping duds and gravity-defying hairstyles. Released through Tiny Vices and the Aperture Foundation, Acid Drop is a photographic marvel and, yes, a nostlgaic love song to a specific era– but it’s also a reflection of a universal adolescent spirit.


Wild Wild Wild

Published October 6, 2009 by Dallas


Now that we are challenging you to “build a fort,” Crailtap put up a nice slideshow of from the last week’s contest.

Skate and Destroy MOMA/The First 80 Years

Published September 30, 2009 by Dallas


MOMA is celebrating the upcoming Spike retrospective with an evening of skate videos curated by Patrick O’Dell. Thursday, Oct 15, 2009 7:30 – 11:00pm. After the videos stick around for a conversation with Spike, Lance Mountain, Greg Hunt, Jake Phelps, Ty Evans, and other surprise guests. Also No Age is going to play. Nuts!!!

More Info.


Published September 28, 2009 by Dallas

Well, as you all may or may not know we have been running a contest with our good buddies at Crailtap called “Where The Wild Things Ought to be.” The idea was for you to put the Wild Things into situations you thought needed “Wilding Up.” The Grand Prize winner was announced today on Crailtap but the response to this idea was so tremendous that we decided to make up a new prize – The Directors Prize – chosen by Spike himself.


Congratulations to Alex Synge for this entry of “Max on Wire.”

Where The Wild Things Ought To Be Contest – One Last Batch

Published September 28, 2009 by Dallas

Crailtap will be announcing the contest winners sometime today or tomorrow. Thanks to everyone who entered, there were so many we couldn’t even showcase them all.

Where The Wild Things Ought To Be

Published September 24, 2009 by Dallas


Contest ends Friday!

Where The Wild Things Skate

Published September 24, 2009 by Dallas


New Where The Wild Things Are limited edition shoes and T shirts are in stock now from our friends at Lakai.

Where The Wild Things Ought To Be… Even More!

Published September 22, 2009 by Dallas

The contest we are running with our buddies at Crailtap will be ending this Friday. This is your last week to enter to win these. All you have to do is show us where you think the Wild Things ought to be.

Day 19

Published September 15, 2009 by Dallas


Our good friends and photography tag team duo Jeremy and Claire Weiss AKA Day 19 are having a show of photographs in San Francisco. The show includes beautiful pics of what it was like to spend a summer raising kids, hanging out with skateboarders, traveling the world and listening to really loud music… you know… the essentials. You should go to it if you are in the area – and if you aren’t in the area, you should go to their blog and brush up on the aforementioned lifestyle.

1262 Mason Street San Francisco, CA