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Mia Doi Todd x Michel Gondry

Published March 19, 2010 by Graham

Direct from the shimmering ether of a distant galaxy, Mia Doi Todd’s voice visits Earth to humble us humans. It is a voice that exudes an aura of fascinating fragility underlined with titillating tempestuous tones.

Pairing Todd’s velvet vocals with director Michel Gondry’s whimsical aesthetic brilliance, the music video for “Open Your Heart” is a feast for the senses. With the help of a marching band from Riverside, a carefully considered wardrobe color palette, and the beautifully bland Los Angeles cityscape, Gondry’s video accompanies as much as it elevates the dreamlike tune. We’re a month or two late for the frenzy of blog postings about this clip, but even if you’ve already watched it, take the time to revisit Gondry and Todd’s casual genius.


Published March 10, 2010 by Molly

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If you were able to magically return to your ten-year-old self and make a list of all the things that fascinated you, it would probably look like a diagram of Radio-Guy’s obsessions. We mean this as the highest possible compliment.

Radio-Guy is Steve Erenberg, who collects and displays old anatomical models of the brain, dental mpression tray wall hanging displays, portable operating chair circa World War I, old radio batteries, vintage space-age looking televisions, steam engines, salesman samples, old x-ray tubes and tons of other stuff. Oh, the best part? YOU CAN BUY IT ALL! The result would look like the dream bedroom of a very precocious and science-minded 19th-century kiddo.

If the phrase “nickel-plated” revs your engine, consider a tour through the site. And start saving your pennies.


Published June 12, 2009 by Dallas


Speaking of Mister Rogers… I was reminded of how good the first act of this episode of This American Life is. Davy Rothbart of Found Magazine meets the man himself… twice!

“When he was just a kid, Davy Rothbart and his family visited the most famous neighbor in America — Mr. Rogers — at his summer cottage on Nantucket. Two decades later, as an adult, Davy went back for another visit with Mr. Rogers. This time he brought stories from his own neighborhood, stories of neighborly conflict and distrust — to see what kind of advice Mr. Rogers could give him.”

So many fantastic ingredients in one free podcast.