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X-Girl ‘94

Published March 10, 2010 by Graham


Kim Gordon designed it, Chloë Sevigny worked the runway, Mike Mills drew the logo, Kathleen Hannah pimped it out, and Spike helped run the fashion show. X-Girl was a perfect storm of creative energy in 1994, and here’s the very Nineties video to prove it:

If that’s not enough nostalgia for you, how about a Vice Magazine photo shoot with Chloë showing off the X-Girl line? Still begging for more? Here’s Vice’s interview with co-designer Daisy Von Furth, where she talks about styling some “cute kid” named Mark Ronson in a photo shoot for Spike’s Dirt magazine, and mentions that Chloë will soon be starring in some movie written by “this kid Harmony Korine.” Also: Doc Martens, flannel and black skinny jeans are so out in ‘94. Which, if I’m predicting the trend cycles correctly, means you’d be wise to invest in some ringer tees and vintage X-Girl before the kids on Gossip Girl start sporting A-line minis.


Spike Shines a Spotlight on Opening Ceremony

Published March 8, 2010 by Graham

Tremendously tasteful and refreshingly warm, Humberto Leon and Carol Lim are the truly rad duo behind one of the world’s most innovative and chic international boutiques: Opening Ceremony. Humberto and Carol are no strangers to Spike. They recently celebrated his new short film, I’m Here, with an elaborate window display and a series of fabulous flipbooks, and they lovingly paid homage to Where the Wild Things Are with a remarkable line of clothing (and wolf suits!) inspired by Max and his wild pals.

Now Spike is turning the tables on this delightful pair of creative masterminds in a two-part documentary for VBS. Check it out and join us in relishing the tubular team’s eerily oracular telepathic connection, freewheeling fun-fueled business strategy, and Carol’s uncanny ability to cry on command. Plus, exclusive footage from the party for Opening Ceremony’s brand new store at the Ace Hotel, featuring a dazzling duet by Dirty Projectors and Solange Knowles!

Opening Ceremony x I’m Here

Published February 15, 2010 by Graham


The lovelorn robots from I’m Here have taken over the window display at Opening Ceremony’s New York boutique! Amazing artist Meryl Smith, who created some of the props for the film, designed the installation using original costumes, props and robot parts from I’m Here. Looking for a belated Valentine’s gift? Opening Ceremony’s got you covered with three rad double-sided I’m Here flipbooks:


Published February 1, 2010 by Spike


A new delicious cookie blog from our friends at Band of Outsiders. Megan’s cookies got great a review. If we can use this to convince her to to leave The Ringer to open a Girl Skateboard bakery, then all we be perfect.

Michael C. Hsiung Gets Wild

Published January 7, 2010 by Graham


How did we miss this gem? Phenomenally talented illustrator Michael C. Hsiung designed this awesome t-shirt for Shirt.Woot, forever canonzing the glory and the follies of so many Where the Wild Things Are-inspired partygoers. The limited run of shirts sadly sold out at the beginning of December, but keep an eye out for more rad creations on Hsiung’s site!

Brian Lichtenberg’s Gizmo Skirt

Published January 5, 2010 by Graham


Okay, genius designer Brian Lichtenberg’s Gizmo Skirt looks cute and cuddly now, but just wait until it chows down on some frozen yogurt after midnight. Don’t get stuck with a spider-gremlin mutant wrapped around your waist! However, if you think you’re responsible enough to adhere to those three simple rules, this is pretty much the raddest piece of clothing on the planet. Bedazzled with Swarovski crystals, Gizmo’s beckoning eyes are sure to set any self-respecting nerd’s heart aflame. The girl who sports this skirt for a stroll through Comic Con is the luckiest girl in the world.

Gingerbread, Sweaters and Weddings

Published December 24, 2009 by Graham


The Where the Wild Things Are-inspired madness marches on! Just in time for Christmas, ultra-appetizing Aussie food blog A Table For Two built a impressively spherical gingerbread house inspired by the forts in the movie.

I made lots and lots of gingerbread sticks about 4cm long, and glued them together over a basketball, using sugar toffee. The next thing I know, my middle and index fingers are soon covered in blisters from the hot sugar toffee. Ouch! (I told you I was ambitious)

Ambitious indeed! They have brilliantly detailed step-by-step instructions on their blog for anyone who dares to replicate this masterpiece. For those of you more crafty than culinary, check out knitting blog Splendor’s lovely hooded wolf-suit sweater. They’e even got a free PDF of the pattern, written in 19 different sizes!


Finally, a wedding photography blog called Helmutwalker shares some photos from a fairytale-themed wedding. What better ringbearer could you ask for than Max, king of all the Wild Things? I wonder if they swapped out “You may kiss the bride” for “Let the wild rumpus start!” How cute:


Spike at Tokyo’s Opening Ceremony TODAY

Published December 15, 2009 by Graham


If you happen to be in Tokyo today, you’re in luck! Internationally rad fashion boutique Opening Ceremony is hosting a Q&A and signing with Spike at 7:00pm (doors open at 6:00). Stop by the Shibuya-based store and say hello! Here are the details from the Opening Ceremony blog:

Come to POTLUCK at Opening Ceremony Tokyo for our Q and A with Spike Jonze! All week long we’ll be showing Spike’s films ranging from legendary skate videos, music videos and movies. Stop in to check out all of the WHERE THE WILD THINGS ARE merchandise we’ve created, ranging from faux furs, tee’s, books and shoes, to Pamela Love’s jewelry collection, and more. The best part about it is that you can get all that stuff signed by Spike on December 16th at 7pm (or 19:00)!

Doors open at 6pm so make sure to secure your spot!!!!! Tokyo here we come!!! Please rsvp to email hidden; JavaScript is required.

Opening Ceremony Tokyo
Shibuya Seibu Movida
21-1, Udawaga-Cho, Shibuya-Ku, Tokyo


Aska x Space 15 Twenty x Susan Cianciolo

Published December 11, 2009 by Graham


Space 15 Twenty has been killing it lately! The L.A. event/retail space that hosted our super fun Where the Wild Things Are photo exhibit and pop-up shop in September has since brought David Kramer’s mind-blowing video art show, Main Street, to glorious fruition, presented a free Girls concert last weekend, and are about to open a fantastical exhibition of DIY fashion designer Susan Cianciolo’s work, called Mountains and Flowers. On top of that, the opening of Mountains and Flowers this Saturday will also feature the debut solo performance of the ethereal Aska.


You loved her as the leader of Moonrats, David Scott Stone’s counterpart in AsDSSka, and an Aaron Rose co-conspirator in The Sads– and now you get to experience the pure, unfettered Aska. With a voice like a sunbeam melting a glacier, you’ll feel like an owl being cooed to sleep by its mother. Check out a cozy acoustic performance by Aska below, and don’t miss her first live show tomorrow at 4pm!

Arty Vans and Birthday Cakes

Published December 3, 2009 by Molly

Picture 1

Introducing two new Wild Things renditions from the wilds of the web! First up (above), a pair of artfully-rendered stompers by the talented Evan Schultz.

Second (below) a Wild Things cake that is either ten-feet tall or photographed in such a way as to look GIANT. Either way, cool beans!