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The Birth of Big Air

Published April 2, 2010 by Dallas

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There will be more coming about this as we draw closer to the premiere but we just wanted to hip you Jeff Tremaine’s new documentary on BMX legend Mat Hoffman. Jeff directed it and Spike and Johnny Knoxville produced as a part of ESPN’s 30 for 30 series which features a list of some amazing filmmakers and storytellers diving deep into the ESPN archive and shedding some light on some fantastic athletes and unique moments in sports history. Stay tuned!

Thor Drake x Lance Bangs

Published March 29, 2010 by Graham

Daredevil Thor Drake, the man responsible for some of the craziest mini-bike stunts in Jackass Number Two, is living the dream. What kid doesn’t want to grow up to do crazy tricks, weld together trampolines and bounce down the street? Thanks Lance, for allowing us to vicariously live like Thor– if only for a few minutes.

Dan Murphy

Published March 15, 2010 by Molly

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The great thing about zines is that they encourage the dissemination of unusual enthusiasms. Or collections of unusual enthusiasms. Dan Murphy is an Illinois-based enthusiast of horticulture and music and biking who is currently in grad school studying green roof technology (COOL!) and produces a steady stream of zines, our favorite of which is his recent issue of The Juniper.

Issue #12 includes writings on happiness, a recipe, discourses on microbes and emergency preparedness and bike-riding. And more! If you ever wanted to get a closer read on the type of person who knows the difference between Mad-Dog Skullcap and Baikal Skullcap, here’s your chance.

Bridging the Gap

Published March 12, 2010 by Graham

Joseph Lobato of TOLA! (not a made up word, just an acronym for “Take Over L.A.“) made this majestic little video of Hernan Montenegro and his bike. Really, I’m just posting a video of someone riding a bike. But it’s such a blissfully visceral video. Doesn’t this just look like fun? Let’s go ride bikes.

via Say Mayday.

Partners & Spade

Published March 11, 2010 by Molly



Partners & Spade is a store-cum-gallery-cum-studio-cum-performance space in Lower Manhattan established by Andy Spade and Anthony Sperduti. How to describe the storefront? It’s a bit like Pee-Wee’s Playhouse for creative adults— a place where you can look at art, browse and buy neat things, and generally soak up the conceptual shenanigans of the two founders.

Along with hosting art shows, the two are fond of hosting one-shot events in the vein of ping-pong tournaments, avant-garde preschool classes and, for two memorable weekends, a fanciful French bakery with treats baked in-house by artist Will Cotton. The macarons were impeccable.

It’s to our great delight that Spade and Sperduti have recently launched a website worthy of their space. If you’re not in the neighborhood, an online tour makes a fitting substitute for the store experience. Be sure to check out the custom fixed gear bike, the backdated confidence trophies, and the Stacy Wall skate deck!

I Like To Draw Things

Published October 28, 2009 by Molly


If textbooks were illustrated by Emma Kelly, we might have learned a lot more in school. Just sayin’.

The London-based commercial illustrator looks to the world around her for drawing inspiration, transforming mundane sights (the tube, a local launderette, an old record player) into visual delights with a minimum of flash.

Kelly also has a way with color and a charmingly titled website, I Like To Draw Things. Hop on over for a fresh look at everything from Dame Edna to banana seat bicycles.


Wild Ride

Published July 22, 2009 by Dallas


One of the best parts of the Los Angeles summer is how the sweltering days make for perfect bike riding evenings. And what better way to spend those evenings than with a massive swarm of a few hundred bike enthusiasts dressed in costumes and jamming up the streets? Midnight Ridazz an all for one all for fun bike ride has been going down the second Friday of every month since 2004 and as anyone in LA on two wheels will tell you it’s the perfect place for you and your bike to make new friends, get some exercise, and scream at the top of your lungs. As if that weren’t enough, their upcoming Where The Wild Things Are themed ride will no doubt bring out the best Max costumes and wildest rumpus we’ve seen to date.