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As Real as it gets.

From Rick Howard via 8five2.

Coming Soon

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Marcel Dzama Show

Published February 2, 2010 by Spike

One of our favorite friends of WLYS has a big museum show this week in Montreal. He is showing some of the big diaramas he showed in New York two years ago and quite a few new pieces he did for the show as well as many drawings and some pieces from the Department of Eagles video he did with Patrick Daughters last year (below). I tagged along with Marcel this week. Here are some pictures of him setting up the show.


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A new delicious cookie blog from our friends at Band of Outsiders. Megan’s cookies got great a review. If we can use this to convince her to to leave The Ringer to open a Girl Skateboard bakery, then all we be perfect.

Best of VBS : Ben Anderson

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VBS has the best of VBS 2009 up. Included is an amazing piece by our friend Ben Anderson, Obama’s War. He was with a marine platoon in Afghanistan this last summer. It was Obama’s first mission in the war. The footage he gets is incredible on the ground with the troops footage. He also was there the year before with British troops who were trying to train the newly formed Afghan army who have no interest in fighting and are just there for the money and to radio ahead and tell the Taliban where they are. In the middle of this chaotic fire fight, the Afghan soldiers are smoking opiates stoned out of their head. That piece is Inside Afgahnastan.

Both are definitely worth watching both as a reminder that we are at war and also to feel what its like over there. Ben is heading back there next month for another piece. Be safe Ben.

Tokyo Press Tour

Published December 24, 2009 by Spike

I just got back from around the world. That was exhausting but we had a blast too. Max is a hero. Thanks to Humberto from Opening Ceremony and his mom Wendy joined who us in Tokyo. We found out who was the hidden weapon behind the company. When Humberto needs a shop built out or a sofa that looks like a slice of pizza, or a new menu put together for the café in the shop, Wendy makes it happen. More of them here!

Also thanks to Sean who organized an event at Opening Ceremony Tokyo. He threw a great party with Luli at La Barron. At the party he hosted an on stage staring contest called Staremaster you can check out some previous Staremaster contests here. Thank you Sean and Luli!

Not Sure What To Write About This…

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Madrid Press Tour

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Paris Press Tour

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