The Ultimate We Love You So Giveaway!

Published June 11, 2010 by admin

Hey, want a one of a kind, adult-sized wolf suit for free? Now’s your chance! Before we depart the land of the wild things, each of us at We Love You So would like to express our gratitude to the loyal fans of this blog and Where the Wild Things Are with our biggest giveaway ever. This is what we’re including in the prize pot:

Spike is giving away a grown-up sized wolf suit! Made during the shoot in Australia, only five of these suits exist. They’re just like Max’s wolf suits from the movie– made with all of the original materials– but they aren’t “distressed” or dirty like Max’s were. Dallas is giving away a signed copy of An Awesome Book, a children’s book so rad it’ll feel at home next to Sendak on your bookshelf. Molly is including a copy of her brilliant and bittersweet chapbook, Troubleshooting. Graham is donating a rare Albert Reyes print from his gallery, Mastodon Mesa. Last but not least, Rubin is contributing Saintseneca’s cassette tape and 7″ from his record label, Paper Brigade.

Just comment on this post to qualify! The contest ends Monday night and a winner will be chosen at random on Tuesday morning. Please re-blog/tweet/and share with your friends!

UPDATE: The prize pot has grown! Shawn Records, amazing photographer and father of Max, has volunteered a signed 11×14″ print of his wolf suit photo, as seen above! It keeps getting better!

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883 comments so far

  1. We Miss You So (stay wild).

  2. deimos says:

    Hi from Mexico!!! and thanks for all the great moments in this blog …

  3. Sam's Myth says:

    Awesome! So sad to see the blog go, thanks for everything!

  4. peoplearestrange says:

    I’m gonna miss this blog, thanks a lot for all the interesting stuff n such!

  5. C says:

    I’ll miss you so.

  6. Gards F says:

    I can’t believe you guys are saying farewell to I love you so…. it’s been a blast. Hopefully your new/replacement will be even better if that is possible!

  7. Like you guys said before, this blog has been like having a super-cool friend tell you all the interesting things to see. And more! Thanks for everything :)!

  8. leslie says:

    this would be a collector’s item to keep forever! Pick me please!! : )

  9. Elizabeth says:

    see you again!

  10. gloss says:

    This is amazing! *comments*

  11. Daniele says:

    So nostalgic… :(

  12. Ellen says:

    Thank you for everything, I had a really good time. Hope to read you in future.

  13. jefferson says:

    Thank u for sharing so much love! I would wear my wolf suit proudly!

  14. Rich says:

    Thanks for the great blog… we’ll miss you so

  15. james mills says:

    I will miss this site like a friend who ran off to join the circus

  16. Lena says:

    Such a cool blog. And an amazing gift.

  17. giselle says:

    love love love

  18. emily sullivan says:

    seen lots of great things on we love you so… sad to see you go!

  19. Jewksy says:

    Wow awesome prize. Love the blog. This prize would make a friend of mine the happiest girl in the world. cheers

  20. Xenia says:

    Can’t believe it’s over… thank you so much, guys! That was inspiring! Hi from Moscow.

  21. Jessi says:

    This site was better than rainbows and glitter.

  22. Mary says:

    The Where the Wild Things soundtrack and movie (of course I loved the book when I was little) changed my life. Forever.

  23. Monstris says:

    It doesn’t snow much in London but if it did I would so be out in this suit. Damn, i’d wear it for a week. To everything. And prove it. On the internet.

  24. Tim says:

    Whoa, this site is done?! So, I guess I have to do actual “work” at work now…

  25. El Payo says:

    Yay hooray. Sad to know you’re leaving, but glad to have let you guide me to so much coolness.

  26. Lety says:

    I loved this blog.

  27. Dan says:

    No! I’ll miss you guys!

  28. Eleanor Thomas says:

    We’ll miss you! It’d give inner-city Melbourne a shake-up if I donned the adult suit alongside my 18-month-old daughter in her Max suit and rocked it down at the park!

  29. greg says:

    thanks we will miss you more than you’ll ever know

  30. Luanne says:

    Wild things are wonderful!

  31. LBOB says:


  32. brodie says:

    oh my i hope the australian time difference still allows me to enter! i almost cried reading the contents of this prize pack. i’m going to iss we love you so so so so so much.

  33. Hunter says:

    Awesome site, please find a way to keep it going

  34. kenny says:

    I am so grateful to the wonderful contributers and i want to thank you all for sharing a TON of great artists! I am sad that one of the five blogs i frequent will be closing. THANKS EVERYONE!

    shred on with peace.

  35. Jen Amerman says:

    Kittens and lollipops.

  36. remixremaster says:

    Ahh such an awesome blog.
    Thanks for the inspiration

    Stay wild!

  37. Donna Vitan says:

    Yum, I would totally wear this every day! Cheers!

  38. christina says:

    dying for a wolf suit!

  39. Brian says:

    Hate to see this one disappear. Take care!

  40. Corinne says:

    Wolf suit! Wolf suit!!

  41. cleo says:

    I’m writing from NZ, technically the future and you are still in Monday.
    This blog and the movie has influenced my creative projects greatly – thank you to everyone and I cannot wait to see what comes next from Spike!

  42. Peter says:


  43. i love the wild things :)

  44. stay says:


  45. Elle says:

    I want this

  46. Elle says:

    so badly

  47. braydee says:

    just found we love you so a month ago. sad to see you go…

  48. Justin says:

    Throwing my name in the ring.

  49. Kelly Litz says:

    See you in the next (_________).
    It’s been a blast.

  50. Justin Ractliffe says:

    I was obsessed with this blog and checked it everyday for a year. I work for the publisher of WTWTA here in Australia & this blog gave me so many great ideas.