Looking Back

Published June 14, 2010 by Graham


The epic ride that has been We Love You So simply cannot be done justice in bullet-point form, but we’ll give it a shot anyway. Here are some great memories from these past 14 months–and 1000 posts–for you to revisit in our absence:

  • Skating with Mark Gonzales: rad photos form Spike’s shoebox
  • Scoring with Carter Burwell and then mixing at Skywalker Ranch
  • A homemade Max costume – the first of many
  • The many Wild Thing inspired pastries and bento box arrangements
  • A list of literature’s Top 10 Rascals – hotly contested in the British press
  • Quilts, murals and chalk drawings
  • Wild Things skate decks!
  • Hidden gems from childhood heroes like Mr. Rogers, The Muppets and Richard Scarry
  • Brilliant images from Max’s dad, Shawn Records
  • Spike’s bank commercials with a sumo wrestler and Brad Pitt
  • A crazy music video for Japanese band Sour and then an interview explaining how they made it
  • Behind the scenes on a BBC sitcom with Spike, David Cross and Will Arnett
  • A visit to Maurice Sendak’s house, and plenty of looks back at the author’s life and interviews about his views on childhood
  • Comic Con ‘09, where the movie’s promotion began and we got to know Max Records
  • Kanye West in We Were Once a Fairytale– and the behind the scenes drama
  • I’m Here, the bittersweet robot love story: from the shoot to Sundance to the Opening Ceremony collaborations and its worldwide premiere
  • Tributes to cinematic classics like Ratcatcher, Time Bandits and The Neverending Story
  • Interviews with amazing artists like Tao Lin, Matt Furie, Miguel Arteta, Ray Tintori, Edith Zimmerman, Jordan Crane and Vanessa Dualib
  • More Where the Wild Things Are food – this time, fruit
  • The pandemonium in Spike’s music video for LCD Soundsystem
  • A visit with graphic design great Geoff McFetridge
  • The WTWTA pop-up shop at Space 15 Twenty
  • Literary coverage on books you might not have read yet, from Nabokov to postmodern comic epics to hard-hitting journalism!
  • Where the Wild Things Ought to Be: a photoshop contest!
  • The demise of an infamous production office sofa
  • Forts, forts and more forts!
  • Olympia Le-Tan’s beautiful books
  • Bringing Where the Wild Things Are around the world! Japan! Madrid! Italy!
  • And then of course there are the hundreds of artists and musicians and writers who’ve inspired us along the way– go back through the archvies and rediscover them whenever you feel lonely! We’ll always have these moments, and one day we will meet again.

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    10 comments so far

    1. jacob says:

      thank you.

    2. Andrea says:

      quoting Up:
      “Thanks for the adventure – now go have a new one”

    3. Can says:

      I loved this blog! Thank you so much for everything put into it.


    4. Neil says:

      I am so going to miss this blog. Favourite post has to be the president of the free world reading Where the Wild Things are to me. I love the way that you showcase pure creativity at work.

      My favourites have to be Sonny’s drawings though in the Pop Up Shop, it’s inspiring to see someone breaking from the 9-5 routine job to do something so awesome and filled with love and passion. I just keep re-reading ‘Heads on We Shoot’ and it always brings a smile to my face.

    5. Matthew Rohde says:

      So much good stuff. I’m going to feel a little lost without this blog!

      The forts will always be the best part. :D

    6. Paul says:

      Thank you, thank you very, very much for the movie, for the blog, for the wonderful time full of inspiration, for all the little moments, that made me think and reflect about who I am and what others are.

    7. Paul says:

      Thank you, thank you very, very much for the movie, for the blog, for the wonderful time full of inspiration, for all the little moments, that made me think and reflect about who I am and who others are.

    8. deimos says:

      thanks for all the good moments …

    9. Ethan says:

      cant wait to see you guys next

    10. batman says:

      Did Olympia Le-Tan make the site’s logo?