Shary Boyle

Published March 17, 2010 by Graham


Discovering Shary Boyle’s work is like biting into a pretty little pastry, only to realize, as your taste buds tingle and your mouth starts to water, that what you’ve actually sunk your teeth into is a sumptuous three-layer cake.

Maybe you’re been beckoned by her vibrant yet vexing illustrations. You surf to her website and take them all in, reveling in these seemingly sacrosanct tragicomic scenes from some distant galaxy’s breathtaking fluorescent apocalypse. An instinct in the back of your mind warns you to run, RUN– but it’s too late: you’re been ensnared in Boyle’s wild world. Next it’s her sculptures that catch your eye, those oddly silent, secret-filled sculptures, and before you know it you’ve discovered her creeping, carefully understated paintings. And what’s this– she does live projection? Yes, you discover, she tours with Toronto musician Doug Paisley in a group called Dark Hand and Lamplight, accompanying folk singing stallion Will Oldham to taverns in Big Sur where she lights up an overhead projector and makes magic with entrancing illustrations.

Once you’ve digested all the sickly sweetness and savory sensations of Shary Boyle’s work, a deep satisfaction settles in your belly– followed swiftly by an insatiable craving for more.


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One comment so far

  1. Janice Cliff says:

    Oh hoorah! I had wanted to write and tell you all to have a looksee for Shary but of course you would find her on your own. Thanks…she is truly f’ed up in the very best way.