Published March 23, 2010 by Molly

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“Kiosk” is such a satisfying word to say. Try it. “Kiosk”. That would make a really nice name for a dog.

Technically, a kiosk is a little booth that sells inexpensive consumables. In the case of KIOSK, it’s a store that offers a range of products displayed exhibition-style and sourced from all over the globe. According to the store’s manifesto, “We feature the things that generally go unnoticed, products created by not one personality but objects that are the result of local aesthetics and needs. Their value is sometimes hard to see in today’s market.”

Sounds good enough on paper, but in practice the theory is frankly awesome. Currently KIOSK is focusing on Portugal, and the available goods range from Adufe Drums made of goat skin to playing cards from the oldest card producer in Portugal, Litografia Maia. Each item is accompanied with a short history that has the effect of deepening its charm. Scrolling through the website has the effect of a stimulating micro-vacation— if you’re stuck at work, it makes a great alternative to the real thing!

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