Matthieu Lavanchy

Published February 9, 2010 by Graham


Do you find your world bland and uninspiring? Is there a widespread dearth of eye-catching subjects to photograph in your normal, everyday life? Matthieu Lavanchy’s work reminds us that you can always just make something up. You can literally make something beautiful to take a picture of, right now, and all you need is some cardboard and soiled mattresses and wood scraps and moldy carpet.

Lavanchy, who is only 23 and already amassing accolades galore, is a New Yorker by way of Switzerland and a pal of Tiny Vices superstar Tim Barber. He photographs meticulously crafted sculptural installations and otherworldly interiors that exist in no other world than the image itself. These are magical nowhere places that seem to spring straight from Lavanchy’s sneaky subconscious to remind us of life’s terrifyingly endless possibilities.


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