Eat When You Feel Sad

Published February 11, 2010 by Molly

Picture 2

Eat When You Feel Sad by Zachary German is a novel about watching television, feeding a cat, microwaving veggie burgers, Gchatting, riding a bike, drinking orange juice, wishing for a girlfriend, listening to music, brushing one’s teeth and getting mustard on one’s clothes. It’s written with the kind of exacting detail we usually associate with instruction manuals or a child’s recollection of a dream, although it’s actually neither.

Tao Lin rhapsodizes on the book’s back cover: “Moving, funy, emotional and—in a revolutionary way—both highly-readable and avant-garde, Eat When You Feel Sad excites me very much in terms of literature and also life itself.”

Novels, as they say, can come in many forms.

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