Mary Iverson

Published January 14, 2010 by Molly



New favorite painter alert! Mary Iverson’s subject has long been the Port of Seattle, graduating from plein air studies to examinations of the area’s cranes, construction lines and shipping containers. (Side note: anyone who was into the second season of The Wire will find special pleasure in the aesthetic of ye olde shipping docks.)

When she recently switched focus to the Port of Tacoma, Iverson studied the port’s annual report to calculate the average number and size of shipping containers entering the port on a daily basis, then used this information to create 952 plywood replicas of the shipping containers. Rearranging these models in various combinations supplied the subject matter for Iverson’s new paintings, which do all sorts of neat things with abstraction and geometry.

Check out Iverson’s upcoming show at San Francisco’s Park Life!

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