I’m Here Debuts Today!

Published January 21, 2010 by Graham


Spike’s epic short film, I’m Here, makes its grand entrance tonight at Sundance. It’s a robot romance and a futuristic fable rooted in the universal emotions of first love, ruminating on youth, identity, autonomy and loss. What began as a small project in the wake of Where the Wild Things Are quickly blossomed into a 35-minute tale that provided Spike ample room to fully flesh out his melancholy heroes, a pair of robot lovers.

These clunky, sensitive machines feel as familiar as old friends by the end of the film, thanks in no small part to the same subtle special effects wizardry that brought the Wild Things’ facial features to life. Spike snapped the image above in the final screening to approve special effects shots before I’m Here’s worldwide premiere. If you’re in Utah today, don’t miss it!

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4 comments so far

  1. sylvester fontenot says:


  2. thiago says:

    you guys will hear this a lot – amazing piece of work.

    the site is great and spike’s work is ever so inspiring.

    ‘where the wild things are’ is a thing of beauty, a work of a master.

    ‘i’m here’ looks ready to make an instant emotional connection with its audience.

    i can’t wait to watch it. please, please, please, convince absolut to make it available to audiences worldwide.

    paying, streaming, downloading, whatever – we just wanna see it.

    cheers from brazil. all my best.

  3. This literally makes me want to… actually I dont even know. MY EMOTIONS ARE FRIED. need to see this so badly.

  4. Effie says:

    Definitely will want to see it if/when it becomes available. Please let us know.