Tokyo Press Tour

Published December 24, 2009 by Spike

I just got back from around the world. That was exhausting but we had a blast too. Max is a hero. Thanks to Humberto from Opening Ceremony and his mom Wendy joined who us in Tokyo. We found out who was the hidden weapon behind the company. When Humberto needs a shop built out or a sofa that looks like a slice of pizza, or a new menu put together for the café in the shop, Wendy makes it happen. More of them here!

Also thanks to Sean who organized an event at Opening Ceremony Tokyo. He threw a great party with Luli at La Barron. At the party he hosted an on stage staring contest called Staremaster you can check out some previous Staremaster contests here. Thank you Sean and Luli!

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3 comments so far

  1. Paul says:

    Hey, this is my first post here.

    Merry Christmas to all the wild things out there. I`m a fan from Germany, the movie just hit theaters here last week – unfortunately the same week as “Avatar”. Everyone is in 3D mode right now, it seems. I was almost alone in the theatre.

    But anyway I was completely blown away by the movie. It completely avoids all these little tricks to get the audience on its side (in contrast to all the movie trailers shown before). For me it was one of the most honest and bravest movies I have ever seen. I don`t even want to imagine how many sleepless nights and desperate hours you`ve all been through to make this movie.

    So thank you, it was a wonderful Christmans present for me. It inspired me to really go to the end of the path.

    Again, merry christmas to you all! And yes, Max is a hero!

    Paul from Berlin

  2. Chelsea says:

    where the wild things are + opening ceremony = epic.

  3. kyok says:

    wow wheeeee, and finally to japan! i am terribly excited to see this on my birth month. thrilled to bits!
    hope each and everyone of you involved is resting well after such long journeys around the world. love and light x