Sites We Love : The Selvedge Yard

Published December 1, 2009 by Dallas


The Selvedge Yard is a rare bird in the image-based world of our current beloved internet. With so many awesome places to see and so many awesome things to look at we are often left wanting more information from our bookmarks – the story behind the picture – yet find ourselves with nothing to go on but a google search and a hollow Wikipedia entry. Over the past year JP and a host of guest editors have been attempting to remedy that. With a merger of pictures and stories that utilize the best parts of the internet and improve upon the worst parts of magazines, The Selvedge Yard has been letting the world in on its own private style journal. And there are some very classic things inside. Short essays and photo compilations on Bob Marley’s soccer habit, the peculiar behavior of Howard Hughes, the private life of wrestler turned cult hero Andre the Giant are just a few of entries that have piqued our interest in recent months but there are so many great shots, and stories to go with them, that it is hard to capture the scope of the site in just one post. We suggest reading for yourself, getting hooked, and getting back to us with your favorites. You’ll thank us for it.

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One comment so far

  1. JP says:

    Hey guys–

    Thanks for the shout out. I’m totally honored.

    Warm regards,