Lisa Hanawalt

Published December 10, 2009 by Graham


The truly tubular grid of post-its pictured above were inked by incredible illustrator Lisa Hanawalt for GR2’s currently running Post-It Show 4. I helped hang the 1000+ post-its for the show (helpful tip: when hanging post-its on uneven gallery walls, use liberal amounts of double stick tape), and I was so taken by Ms. Hanawalt’s lovably creepy creatures that when it came time to choose just a couple to take home, I couldn’t help myself from including one of her dapper cross-eyed kittens alongside an excellently obscene Johnny Ryan post-it and the crystal-worshiping transcendence of Aiyana Udesen’s piece.

Only afterwards did I realize that this is the same Lisa Hanawalt whose comic strip about Georgia O’Keefe and Johannes Vermeer’s secret obsession with dirty hip hop lyrics in The Believer’s 2009 Art Issue had had me nervously laughing days prior. Not only that, but she’s also the same Lisa Hanawalt whose contribution to Vice’s sweet Where the Wild Things Are mini-comic had pictured the Wild Things gleefully go-cart racing! Interview on that matter here. Pull quote: “I like the [Wild Thing] with the long, orange mane and webbed feet–she looks cuddly but she also gives me the creeps.”

Check out Hanawalt’s brand-new comic book, I Want You, published by Buenaventura Press and currently on sale for $3.96. What a steal!


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