Jeff Caramagna

Published December 28, 2009 by Molly


Picture 2

Jeff Caramagna’s work “endeavors to inspire the dwarfing of the individual witness both visually and metaphysically”, and if that’s not a damn good way to begin an artist’s statement, we don’t know what is.

Caramagna combines classic figure painting techniques with an intricate visual mapping system to produce the final works, which are so vivid they almost appear to generate their own light. The paintings will remind the average viewer of sunbursts and orange groves and beach bunnies—nothing dark in evidence here, though the paintings are far from simplistic or uninteresting.

Don’t miss the “PROCESS” section of Caramagna’s site, which includes images culled mid-painting of half-finished works and jars of shining pigment. How often, after all, do we get a privileged glimpse into the working style of an imposingly talented artist? It’s like a studio visit condensed for the purposes of the internets.

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