Atherton Lin

Published December 28, 2009 by Graham


Succumb to the sweetness of Atherton Lin! Come on, I dare you– ditch your cynicism at the door and embrace the carefree twee fantasies of this British stationery design duo. It’s pointless to resist their majestic, melancholy colored pencil vistas, their scarf-adorned shy boys and lovesick girls. Now that 2010 is nearly upon us, why not pick up a copy of the beautifully designed Atherton Lin wall calendar? Following the six characters who pop up throughout the products in Atherton Lin’s arsenal, the year unfolds like a story:

Starting with a New Year’s resolution — to stand up straight — we follow these six friends through 12 months of letter writing, music mixes, childhood fears, old stereo equipment and perhaps a parallel universe.

The days of the year are told through the characters’ new experiences, fantastical childhood memories, correspondences and personal record collections. Certain months are set up with an inventive format: For instance, August is a printer’s tray displaying souvenirs, and the days of December read like the squares of a comic strip. The annual wall calendar root the Atherton Lin stories — an open-ended, elliptical narrative that weaves through all our designs.

atherton lin calendar

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  1. Molly says:

    This plucks at my heartstrings!