Keiji Haino

Published November 19, 2009 by Molly

Trying to describe artist/musician Keiji Haino is like trying to hear a dog whistle. It doesn’t work. Our equipment isn’t prepared to handle such a sensation. In lieu of description, check out the video above and the interview (conducted by Alan Cummings) here, plus the excerpt below.

Alan Cummings : I’d like to ask you a bit about your childhood first. What were you like as a child?

Keiji Haino : I was definitely different from everyone else. Looking back now it sort of seems to have been inevitable, but I was different from everyone else. My first memories are from around the time I went to kindergarten. It seems very symbolic now, but I remember that when all the other kids were playing in the sand pit, I’d be playing with building bricks. And when they were all playing with the building bricks, I’d be in the sand pit.

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