Valero Doval

Published October 19, 2009 by Molly


Some artists make pictures; some artists create a visual universe that is unmistakably theirs. Guess which category Valero Doval falls into. Born in Spain, Doval studied in Valencia and relocated to London to continue his work, which ranges from Volkswagen and Paul Smith commissions to collages of bird-plane hybrids.

His output is as varied as his clients. Typical Doval subjects include zeppelins, ghosts, pets, and haunted houses––none of it rendered in any form you’ve seen before. With a visual allegiance to geometric forms and rich color, Doval’s work escapes the curse of cutesiness that can attend pet-themed art–yet still manages to have an adorable aspect to go with its visual punch. Always a balancing act, as they say.

Picture 1

Picture 3

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