Humans Are Mammals Too, You Know

Published October 5, 2009 by Molly

Picture 5

Foraging, hoarding and defending territory are behaviors common to mammals. Think of squirrels storing up tasty acorns for winter or Northern Elephant Seals biting each other in the head to secure the maintenance of their terrestrial breeding ground. Animal behavior is fascinating and somewhat gnarly.

Humans, it turns out, are no exception. Like other mammals we lactate, sweat, and possess a neocortex. We also enjoy foraging, hoarding and defending our territory. Luckily, we’ve developed tools to aid these proclivities (thanks, opposable thumbs!), including these two prime examples.

The Personal Library Kit from Knock Knock is the elegant equivalent of what dogs do to trees: a way of designating goods (books, in this case) as one’s own unique property. Anyone in possession of a solid book stash knows what it’s like to lend a treasured book out only to see it disappear into a black hole without a trace. With the Library Kit you can adhere those library pockets (real ones!) into your own books, slip a checkout card inside, and even stamp it with the date. This makes it easier to lend with liberty to friends who don’t always remember the difference between their property and yours. You could even demand a fine for overdue books and/or remind your friends to maintain Indoor Voices if you feel like it.

In the case that books aren’t your thing, consider looking into a sleek aerodynamic piggy bank like the Pork Knox model from Wishing Fish. This hollow pig is made of chromed ceramic and includes a snout that doubles as a combination lock. (We like things that combine maximum cuteness with maximum functionality. Also reflective animals.)

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