Published October 15, 2009 by Dallas


We received so many submissions for the Wild Things forts contest we were running with Booooooom that picking a winner was unbelievably difficult. But as you can see by the above picture our GRAND PRIZE WINNER Eric Rice really went the distance on this one.

“I spent the long weekend building my fort out old pallets and other discarded materials. I didn’t use any nails or screws to build the actual fort, it’s lashed together with hundreds of feet of string, and is surprisingly sturdy, even on the third floor. I had an awesome time building it, and hope you guys do some more contests in the future.” – Eric



I’ve been drowning in adulthood lately and building this fort was such an awesome opportunity to be a kid again. i filled my cozy cloud cavern with some of my favorite doodads – yarn balls, cushions, kids books, and a star-lantern i built entirely from recycled bottlecaps.” – Dianne



“It was soooooooooo much fun to make, paper chains and cranes, hanging my favorite pictures, stacking the best books and movies. I even documented Maurice Sendak’s masterpiece on a board in the form of strangers holding lines of the book under their chins while I took a Polaroid picture of them and their smiling or not so smiling faces.” – Ausia

And last but certainly not least the CUTEST KIDS FORT AWARD: Georgie Grieve (age 3), Nico Brouwer (age 4), Audrey Perkins (age 4), and Jacob Salomon (age 3).

Thanks so much to everyone who entered! And special thanks to Jeff at Booooooom for running such an awesome site!

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4 comments so far

  1. Dianne Que says:

    i can’t believe it! thanks so much for seeing something special in my fort. :) this project was truly magical. can’t wait to see the movie tonight. in IMAX!

  2. eric rice is a genius and master craftsman! It amazes me that it is held together with string.

  3. mylissa says:

    “cutest kids fort award”! we’ll take it! it was loads of fun and all the forts were pretty rad.

  4. elaine says:

    These are all so amazing! It would be awesome if all be combined into one SUPER fort.