Published October 7, 2009 by Dallas

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14 comments so far

  1. Dr Jucapinga says:

    Gua gua gua gua gua hehehehehhehe.

  2. Mote says:

    It’s the little things like that that make Spike Jonze so great.

  3. Kaitlin Morrow says:

    He killed Max Records! Poor lil guy! Creative lol, good one!

  4. cara wittchow says:

    wow that was outstanding and creative.. i would’ve pissed my pants.. cause this is the right season for a vampire.. lol..

  5. Shahid says:

    Wow, I love this guy. Can not wait see what he has in store for the future of cinema!

  6. Jay Bloom says:

    My family and i are so excited to see the film when it is released later this month. I am 38 yrs old and grew up reading signed 1st edition copies of Where the Wild Things Are, Kennys Window and In the Night Kitchen my father got for us. My dad, Stan Bloom is a cousin of Muarice Sendak’s although unfortunately i dont know the entire family tree from which this relation extends. I hear there were poor relations with Muarice and his immediate family as a result of his life choices which led to some of his exile from his family. Muarice, if you read this you should know that you have touched your family in a very special way through your talents and brought us together with bedtime stories passed down from generation to generation. There is no doubt that our children will continue this as they grow up and start families as your works have been so inspirational that my daughter Kailey rarely goes an hour without drawing. We hold your works close to our hearts as although we have never had the privilage to know you personally we feel you are member of our family each time we peel the pages of one of your books and grow a forest in our rooms to sail across and day and night and night and day. Our lives would not have been the same without the contributions you made to them. Thanks!
    Jay Mitchell Bloom and Family
    Jupiter Florida

  7. Geeg says:

    Why do movies have to have Vampires Nowadays?

  8. Times The New Roman says:

    romanek, just chilling nonchalant on the side there…

  9. selvester fontenot says:

    this is just like a re-occurring dream i used to have as a child. except i wasn’t in a cemetery like max, i was in my room, and the vampire didn’t look like spike, it looked like my father.

  10. joan benney says:

    i love these people……

    10. 16 . 09 !!!!!!! A FILMIC WILD RUMPUS STARTS *……….

  11. Chris says:

    You guys are obviously having WAY to much fun!

  12. thats is awsome, shows kids that even with a cheep ordinary camera you can make a great and fun short film.

  13. morgan skillington says:

    love it its soooo funny

  14. NawfMZ says:

    hahahaha…. so cool…. nice video…