Draw Your Own Wild Things With VICELAND

Published October 14, 2009 by Dallas


Our buddies at Vice Magazine (Which turns 15 this year btw – crazy!) are hosting an amazing WTWTA giveaway for anyone who thinks they can draw a wild thing or two. So many great renditions!

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4 comments so far

  1. herbal_g says:

    Thanks for the tip! So many great ways for artists to share wtwta art this month!

  2. Henrietta Reily says:

    Being an 11 year old girl up against many adults in this “competition”, I must say that I am a little bit nervous. Though people around me at home say that my drawing of the wild thing is good, I dont quite think that, especially compared to so many others, with much more skill.
    I wish everyone luck,

  3. Henrietta Reily says:

    I made my drawing simply with grey and black magic markers, while other artists used many other mediums. I sort of feel like a mouse, sitting next to 20 giants, that are extremely gorgeous.

  4. Henrietta Reily says:

    When will the judjing take place? All of a sudden, my drawing is at the top of the page (yippee!). Does this mean anything?