Cool Kid: Arlo Weiner

Published October 14, 2009 by Graham


When I spotted Mad Men creator Matthew Weiner at the Hollywood Farmer’s Market, I couldn’t help but notice that one of the four kids with him was randomly dressed in a tuxedo. “Maybe he just came from church,” a friend suggested, but then why would he be the only one dressed so dapper? The only plausible explanation was that this precocious boy was just constantly stylish, channeling the effortless suavity of Don Draper himself. My hopes were confirmed upon the discovery of GQ’s profile of eight-year-old Arlo Weiner, complete with Arlo’s satorial commentary on mixed patterns, ascots, turning bathrobe belts into neckties, and the juxtaposition of red against black. He’s got his old man’s eye for detail!


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3 comments so far

  1. Carissa says:

    Ha! This kid is wild. I absolutely love it!

  2. Viranda says:

    Amazing. The competition keeps getting younger and younger…

  3. Karina says:

    He’s adorable. If I were 8 I’d want to be his girlfriend.