“Where The Wild Things Ought To Be” Round 2

Published September 16, 2009 by Dallas

Even more great entries for the contest we are running with Crailtap. Show us where you think the Wild Things ought to be and you could win these.

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10 comments so far

  1. Aimee says:

    This one is amazing. Made me totally smile.

  2. Mickey Pagels says:

    That Karate Kid image has just restored my faith in life! I love it.

  3. Eva says:

    This one made me giggle out loud. Clever.

  4. Hannah says:

    Are we able to vote?

    It would be a hard decision but I think the Karate Kid one would definitely tip my vote…too funny!

    When do we get to find out who the winner is?

  5. Kaitlin Morrow says:

    Lol the picture of Max hugging that vampire dude (All i know is he is in twilight) made me laugh so hard! Very creative.

  6. Jilly says:

    The Scarface one is really awesome

  7. Melissa Sue says:

    these are so good! Love it. The “max on a wire” one from a few posts back is still my absolute fav though.

  8. Ed says:

    Scarface FTMFW!!!

  9. tj fo sho my hoe!!!! says:

    yo that jaws board is toooooo sick! i know they have that guy board jst like it! one of my favs but if that picked that one i would buy that shizzz tonight son! to good! im lovin it!

  10. Galaxy says:

    this is great!!