Where The Wild Things Are in GQ

Published September 30, 2009 by Molly


The new GQ has an awesome article that we can safely categorize as a Wild Things/Spike Jonze extravaganza. The piece contains insights from Spike on everything from the movie’s inception to the writing process with Dave Eggers (in a rented room near the Castro in San Francisco) to the dire necessity of naps (”I don’t drink coffee,” he explains.)

Also included: honest disclosure about the studio challenges that the movie encountered during its production. “It’s not what they think of when they make a children’s movie,” Spike says in the article, referring to the studio overlords. “The tone of it..it’s not like ‘a movie kid.’ It doesn’t have that movie reality. I tried to make it true to my memory, my experience, of being a human being at that age of life––what it’s like to be 9 and alive. That was my goal.”

The piece also includes intricate description of how the wild things were created, describing the process as “a typical Spike Jonze decision: to embark upon an unmapped, inconvenient, cumbersome, labor-intensive process that others might consider unnecessary with faith that the end result will be imbued with a kind of realness that might, perhaps undetectably, make all the difference.”

Exactly. The piece is a good read on both Wild Things and non-Wild-Things levels, with musings on the creative process and the perennial difficulty of breaking the mold. Check it out online or pick up a non-virtual copy and tell us what you think.

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2 comments so far

  1. but... says:

    what about the interview in vice? what about the entire vice film issue?


  2. Blue says:

    This celestial image of Spike really illuminates his autonomy.. I’ve never seen it before.. Who’s the photographer? cuz i can’t find it on your website……