Los Bros. Hernandez

Published September 25, 2009 by Molly

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The brothers Gilbert and Jaime Hernandez grew up in sunny Oxnard, California, with three other brothers, one sister, and a mom who seriously dug comic books and rock n’ roll. (The eldest brother, Mario, snuck R. Crumb’s dirty Zap comics into the house and introduced his younger siblings to naughtiness of the artiest degree––guess they had to find some way to rebel in an otherwise rad household.) At any rate, the kids all developed rapt interests in comics and music, thanks to the influence of the family matriarch, and these early influences would go on to shape the world of the Hernandez Brothers as they produced their legendary comics.

To quote Gilbert, “[Punk] made me cocky enough to believe that I could do a comic book, and it was good and it was all right, as opposed to being intimidated by the Marvel guys… I took that musical anarchy to comics.” Published in 1982, the brothers’ Love and Rockets #1 is considered to mark a creative resurgence in comics, and for good reason. From the beginning the Bros. produced work that was subversive and masterfully crafted, combining the punk ethos with their own crisp intelligence.

Among other Hernandez Bros. volumes, Fantagraphics recently released Love and Rockets No.1 : New Stories, with 100 pages of new material in a nice big graphic-novel format that showcases the unpredictable, silly, clever and gorgeously drawn work of the brothers, whom the Boston Phoenix called “the Lennon and McCartney of comics”.

Praise doesn’t get much higher than that!

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6 comments so far

  1. ramon says:

    new stories no. 2 came out recently, molly. :)

  2. Fahad says:

    I’ve been waiting for a Hernandez post!
    I had an odd feeling that ‘Love and Rockets’ was some sort of an inspiration here, glad to know I was right (read: lucky)

    Keep writing, I’ll keep reading.

  3. Molly says:

    Ramon: I know!! I just got it but haven’t read yet. Excited. Is it good?

  4. ramon says:


  5. belly says:

    fuck yeah los bros hernandez….maggie and hopey!!!!

  6. keeks says:

    Maggie and Hopey forever, for sure.

    Maybe I need to find a podcast to hear it out loud but I’ve always wondered if you pronounce the brothers’ names en espanol or …. ?

    Like Jaime (hy-may) or Jamie? You know, in case I run into them on the street and need to strike up a casual conversation.