Books You Might Not Have Read Yet: The Complete Stories of J.G. Ballard

Published September 22, 2009 by Molly

Picture 3

Born in Shanghai in 1930, J.G. Ballard studied medicine at Cambridge and authored sixteen novels, getting his start as a die-hard Science Fiction scribe. His stories combine an impeccable politesse with a perversity reminiscent of Roald Dahl’s adult fiction. Some end with a twist. Others are written in such a tone of subdued weirdness as to make you shudder between paragraphs (with pleasure).

Anthony Burgess and Martin Amis were both fans of Ballard, and the writer was often compared in his lifetime to Saki, Borges, Kafka and Poe––not a shabby bunch. Amis wrote that “It is a solecism to talk about degrees of uniqueness (either you are or you aren’t), but Ballard was somehow uniquely unique.” The impression holds true after paging through a new volume that contains more than 1,000 pages of Ballard tales and weighs more than a large cat. This is one for the permanent collection.

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