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“What’s Up, Fatlip?” One Week Only

Published September 30, 2009 by Rubin


Thanks to our friends at Pitchfork.TV for one week only you can watch Spike’s entire 2003 documentary of the strange and wonderful tale of Fatlip of The Pharcyde.

Where The Wild Things Are in GQ

Published September 30, 2009 by Molly


The new GQ has an awesome article that we can safely categorize as a Wild Things/Spike Jonze extravaganza. The piece contains insights from Spike on everything from the movie’s inception to the writing process with Dave Eggers (in a rented room near the Castro in San Francisco) to the dire necessity of naps (”I don’t drink coffee,” he explains.)

Also included: honest disclosure about the studio challenges that the movie encountered during its production. “It’s not what they think of when they make a children’s movie,” Spike says in the article, referring to the studio overlords. “The tone of’s not like ‘a movie kid.’ It doesn’t have that movie reality. I tried to make it true to my memory, my experience, of being a human being at that age of life––what it’s like to be 9 and alive. That was my goal.”

The piece also includes intricate description of how the wild things were created, describing the process as “a typical Spike Jonze decision: to embark upon an unmapped, inconvenient, cumbersome, labor-intensive process that others might consider unnecessary with faith that the end result will be imbued with a kind of realness that might, perhaps undetectably, make all the difference.”

Exactly. The piece is a good read on both Wild Things and non-Wild-Things levels, with musings on the creative process and the perennial difficulty of breaking the mold. Check it out online or pick up a non-virtual copy and tell us what you think.

Carrie Schneider

Published September 30, 2009 by Graham


Having a sense of humor is crucial to being an artist. Carrie Schneider appears unafraid of absurdity, flirting with comical undertones in her visually jarring creations– so she’s already a step ahead of so many self-serious peers. There’s always something off in her lovely photographs, an unexpected juxtaposition often provided by a strange sculptural element Schneider has dragged into the image, or an alarming pose. For instance, check out her portraits of artists in their studios… where they all seem to have unexpectedly passed out on their paint-splattered floors. Okay, weird! But fun!


Skate and Destroy MOMA/The First 80 Years

Published September 30, 2009 by Dallas


MOMA is celebrating the upcoming Spike retrospective with an evening of skate videos curated by Patrick O’Dell. Thursday, Oct 15, 2009 7:30 – 11:00pm. After the videos stick around for a conversation with Spike, Lance Mountain, Greg Hunt, Jake Phelps, Ty Evans, and other surprise guests. Also No Age is going to play. Nuts!!!

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Books You Might Not Have Read Yet: The Red Monkey Double Happiness Book

Published September 30, 2009 by Molly

Picture 1

Everyone loves a buddy comedy. The Red Monkey Double Happiness Book is a graphic novel by Joe Daly containing two stories, “The Leaking Cello Case” and “John Wesley Harding”, both set in Cape Town, South Africa. Each story takes the form of a rambling odyssey shared by best buds Dave and Paul, both laid-back and intermittently brilliant and willing to track capybaras, vaporize enemies, chill with Ozimandias and squeeze every last drop of animus out of the sponge, whatever that means, throughout the course of their escapades.

Daly is fond of sunbaked colors and intensely-detailed frames. His characters look funny, which is appropriate because they are funny. The Red Monkey Double Happiness Book makes for pleasant midday reading, maybe perched somewhere outdoors in the sun with a glass of ginger ale at your side. Read it in a lazy mood, identify with the slacker characters, and speculate on whether you could solve demented mysteries as well as they could. (Answer: probably not.)

So Many Wild Things…

Published September 29, 2009 by Dallas

There is just going to be more and more of this Wildness flooding the web over the next few weeks and boy are we excited. Check out how VBS does WTWTA with the exclusive behind the scenes videos of magician/production designer KK Barrett.

Cinefamily Presents: A Tribute to Maurice Sendak

Published September 29, 2009 by Graham


Here’s the official flier (lovingly illustrated by Stevenfiche) for tomorrow night’s Cinefamily event that we mentioned last week. The evening will consist of Maurice Sendak’s greatest animated adaptations, the sneak preview screening of Spike and Lance’s documentary about Maurice, and a few fun surprises! Tickets are on sale now.

Where The Wild Things Are Soundtrack! TODAY!

Published September 29, 2009 by Rubin

Where The Wild Things Are Soundtrack

Today marks the release of the beautiful soundtrack to Where The Wild Things Are. Just like the feeling of the movie, this soundtrack by Karen O of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs and co-produced with Tom Biller of the Afternoons is all about friends who all collaborated together to make something wonderful.

Karen O collaborated with many talented musicians known as “The Kids” in the making of this. The list: Bradford Cox of Deerhunter, Nick Zinner and Brian Chase who are bandmates in the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Dean Fertita and Jack Lawrence (Queens of the Stone Age, The Dead Weather, The Raconteurs), Aaron Hemphill (Liars), Greg Kurstin (The Bird and the Bee),  Oscar Michel (Gris Gris), Imaad Wasif (New Folk Implosion, Alaska) and an amazing childrens choir.

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

You can pick up the soundtrack now at iTunes and Amazon and stream the whole thing over at imeem.

Talking Comics with Jordan Crane

Published September 29, 2009 by Graham

Jordan Crane at Comic Con

Have you bought a comic book in the past few years? Not a graphic novel or some fancy anthology—I’m talking about those olde thyme flimsy, staple-bound periodicals filled with illustrated narratives and costing less than a bag of movie theater popcorn. It wouldn’t be a shock if you said no, and cartoonist Jordan Crane wouldn’t blame you– but he’s not giving up on the medium without a fight.

After years of creating resplendent illustrations, designing floral wallpaper for our favorite bookstore, and intermittently revealing his narrative brilliance through one-off comics, Crane has recently focused his creative talents on an Ignatz-winning (that’s geek-speak for “good”) comic series called Uptight. Presenting melancholy tales of workaday worries and broken relationships right alongside whimsical, child-friendly fare, Uptight provides a fascinating peek inside Crane’s constantly shifting thoughts, and never fails to entertain.

Read on to discover this venerable artist’s love for Maurice Sendak’s Little Bear, the challenges of cartooning for kids, and his call to revolution for a post-superhero world.

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A Better Shot of Our Favorite New Billboard

Published September 29, 2009 by Dallas


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