Monster Maker & Rail Rider: Swampdonkey

Published August 17, 2009 by Graham


Oakland artist Swampdonkey is best known for his charming illustrations of wooly glass-eyed beasts boasting snarling tusks and jagged teeth. But those unshakable images, tagged on the walls of abandoned buildings and scrawled across yellowed paperback pages represent only one side of Swampy’s creative output. He’s also an extremely talented photographer, documenting his thrilling train-hopping travels through frantically captured breathtaking vistas and sublime portraits of crusty characters.

Perhaps most remarkable about Swampdonkey’s multidisciplinary body of work is just how comfortably his photographic aesthetic fits in with his illustrated one. Flipping through the images on his Flickr page, you get the impression that, while we know little about the man behind the moniker, he has an intimate understanding of himself, depicting his world with whatever tools are handy but always leaving an unmistakable signature of passionate autonomy.


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  1. anon says:

    super good