Mark Portillo’s Grayscale GIFs

Published August 19, 2009 by Graham


Mark Portillo’s sassy grayscale GIFs are nostalgically dithered and faded, recalling endless pilgrimages through The Oregon Trail on so many early Macintoshes. On his blog, Drop Me Off In Harlem, Portillo sketches celebrities, animals, and everyday objects for his very brief animated GIFs, usually comprised of fewer than 10 frames. Who doesn’t love a good GIF? Especially when it’s a Freaks and Geeks homage:


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3 comments so far

  1. karmen says:

    These are fantastic!

  2. corqsan says:

    Don’t know if you know this guy. Found it really amazing. Maybe you find it too.

  3. no one says:

    oh bill.