Where The Wild Things Are Release Schedule

Published July 31, 2009 by Spike


We got this from Warners. As they said, the dates are tentative and subject to change.

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21 comments so far

  1. Jack says:

    Hmm…why does France get to see it before North America?

  2. shit, I’m going to wait a lot.

  3. Jesus says:

    Wow !! great to bad i have to wait until jan 2010 !!!!

  4. alex says:

    what about AUSTRIA ?

  5. Daniel says:

    Awwww, man — no WTWTA in the UK until December might just be enough reason for me to cancel grad school in London in the fall. Hopefully Warner changes that!

    Thanks for the news, Spike.

  6. Daniel says:

    (Hey, You know what though — France is just a short hop from London, and they’re getting it on the 14th…? I like the thought of that.)

    Anyway, keep up the good work. You guys are awesome.

  7. NN says:

    Why does France get to see it before us?

  8. Juayitl says:

    Now that I can find posters and stand-ins at some theaters in my (sometimes forgotten by the film distributors) country, I checked the upcoming releases in our local WB website. There I found that it’d be released on October 30 and not January 15 as the schedule points out. I keep my high spirits on that (they wouldn’t publicize that early for something that’s half a year away right?)

  9. antony says:

    no Philippines? :(

  10. rotch says:

    January 15 2010 in Mexico!!!!! Fraaaaakk!!!! Worst news posted on this blog EVER!!!

  11. GARCIA says:

    SOOOO happy to see this.

  12. Wulher says:

    In France movies are generally released on Wednesday. :)

  13. CG says:


  14. shannon says:

    i am sad that australia has to wait so long for this

  15. Bianca says:

    Damn. Australia’s always the last… :(

  16. Sean says:

    What the hell, 10th of January in the Netherlands??? Say it ain’t so…

  17. cleo says:

    What about little New Zealand? We’re not part of Australia, we see the sun first so how about September??

  18. rachel says:


  19. Jono says:

    Hi Spike, i don’t know if you remember me, i worked with ya on The Wild Things, i have all the toys on my computer :) Just wanted to say it was a great experience working with you, and i know that with all the buzz here and everywhere this is going to be such a great success!

    I hope your guitar playing is coming along! If you need any lesssons and you are about Framestore in the future, give me a shout!

    Chow 4 now, and congratulations, really looking forward to seeing the FilM! :)


  20. nickf says:

    Australia’s the last on the list, but it’s not the last one to get the movie. That dubious honour goes to Argentina who gets it 6 weeks after us Aussies.

  21. Prudence says:

    My two boys (eight and five) and I are getting so excited about the film being released here in Sydney next week. I’m actually giving them half a day off school… We’ve been waiting for this for a very long time and can’t wait (we’ve been watching the trailer for over a year)!! I really want to buy them some toys that I’m going to have framed (like little plastic or plush collectables). Can you tell me if we’ll be getting anything like this in Australia??? Otherwise I just saw on the Urban Outfitters website “Kubricks” which seem perfect but if they are “blind-boxed” how do you collect them all?? Pxxx