Where The Wild Things Are at Comic Con – Part Two

Published July 28, 2009 by Graham

The frenzy over Where the Wild Things Are went into full swing Friday at Comic Con, prompted by the premiere of Lance Bangs’ behind the scenes featurette and an exclusive sneak peek at 10 minutes of the film. Max Records courageously braved the hoardes of fanboys hungry for autographs amidst a signing in the model fortress and also introduced the clips at WB’s big presentation, relaying a message straight from Maurice Sendak: “You know I really love this movie and I hope people like it, because if not they can all go straight to hell.”

Throughout Comic Con, fans, nerds and cinephiles from all walks of life were spotted sporting lovely cardboard Wild Things crowns akin to those nostalgic fast food hats of childhood yore, emphatically displaying their breathless anticipation for this fine film. Yet others went full out, rocking homemade wolf-suit Max costumes in spite of the scorching San Diego sun. Amidst the flurry of activity I was lucky enough to get a chance to catch up with Shawn and Max Records (stay tuned for a video interview!), the couldn’t-be-radder Catherine Keener, and Mr. Lance Bangs himself (pictured above in an orange visor), whose young son Marshall proudly showed off the signed Chewbacca autograph he had just received from Peter Mayhew. Comic Con– the place where dreams come true!

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2 comments so far

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  2. I wish I was there :( I saw the quote over youtube and that is so awesome! rock on Maurice and Max!