Web Cam Synchronicity

Published July 10, 2009 by Spike

This is a Sour video shot by people all over the world on their web cams. The amount of pre-planning and choreography by the directors Masashi Kawamura, Hal Kirkland, Magico Nakamura and Masayoshi Nakamura remotely from the other side of the world is of Michel Gondry level complexity.

Update: Check out our interview with the filmmakers and find out how they made this!

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13 comments so far

  1. mrkool says:

    that was unreal

  2. hannah says:

    oh, this is too good!

  3. Some Matt says:

    Without a doubt the coolest thing I’ve been shown, from the internet, this year. (No offense to all the other amazing whatz-itz? out there!)

    Thanks, Spike!

  4. Magico Nakamura says:

    Hi, I’m Magico Nakamura directed this movie.
    I find and saw your website by accident. Thank you so much!

    By the way, I delated this video(link)on VIMEO by mistake.(How foolish am I!!!!)
    I’m uploading now, so if you have time, please Re”link”it.
    Thank you very much for uploading once again.


  5. mary says:

    nice find, spike!

  6. Gavin says:


  7. meh says:

    woah! wow!

  8. [...] The black letters at the beginning spell out “SOUR,” the name of band who made the video. I spied it on We Love You So. [...]

  9. rob says:

    what a feat of outstanding proportions. Why can we not see things like this on the big screen before a movie begins. Wouldn’t that be a lot more fun than some of the weird-o corporate ads that movie-goers must suffer through.
    Great job Magico, can’t wait to see what you do next

  10. Dan says:

    Are we sure this was done live and not with pre-recorded segments?

  11. LissaRee says:

    Crazy craziness. I’m lovin’ it.

  12. Chucklyn says:

    Amazing! I love the multi-national, multi-lingual coordination to create this piece of art. Nice “effects” with the people popping into each other’s screens, “taking” photos of each other (and showing them) and the water drops…not to mention that all the arm coordination across so many webcams would put any little-old-lady synchronized swimming team to shame!

    Extremely well done! And thanks for sharing it!