Tanyth Berkeley’s Girls

Published July 23, 2009 by Graham


Photographer Tanyth Berkeley’s work revels in the kinds of feminine beauty that are often overlooked, embracing the awkward and producing tremendously beautiful portraits that manage to step delicately into the private worlds of her enchanting subjects. Doug Rickard of AmericanSuburb X puts it best:

Tanyth Berkeley likes the special ones. She likes the pale ones, the large headed types, the big bodies and the long giraffe necks. She likes the Robert Crumb shapes and the vampire faces, the glowing white skin and the men-in-dresses with womanly laces. She likes the eyes set back in the skull or the shoulders holding up those big heads that are smashed in like a pretty pumpkin in certain places. Her specialty is the awkward, the rare flower, the big cheek boned and special feminine shells and large sizes and different races.


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