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Movie Stills Collection

Published July 29, 2009 by Dallas


We’ve talked about this sort of thing before but the other day we found these folks who must have some kind of time on their hands. A collection of hundreds of film opening and closing title sequences from 1920 to 2009. It’s quite a beautiful bounty they’ve amassed. So many weird memories just in the fonts alone.

Rosy Nicholas

Published July 29, 2009 by Graham


Rosy Nicholas is a British graphic designer and illustrator whose work makes me smile. Things that seem to fuel her aesthetic: bent limbs, big noses, sketchy butts and bright colors battling against blotchy ink. There’s a wonderful handmade quality to everything Nicholas does, from sequined patchwork costume design to linocut illustrations adorned with googly eyes and pipe cleaners.

N.A.S.A. “Whachadoin?”

Published July 28, 2009 by Spike

My brother Sam has a new video out for one of my favorite tracks on a record with a lot of favorite tracks. If you haven’t heard it yet, its NASA, Spirit of Apollo. He also just helped me on the scoring and remixing music for a short I did with Kanye, We Were Once a Fairytale. Thanks Sam! We’re going to put that out in the next couple weeks.

Where The Wild Things Are at Comic Con – Part Two

Published July 28, 2009 by Graham

The frenzy over Where the Wild Things Are went into full swing Friday at Comic Con, prompted by the premiere of Lance Bangs’ behind the scenes featurette and an exclusive sneak peek at 10 minutes of the film. Max Records courageously braved the hoardes of fanboys hungry for autographs amidst a signing in the model fortress and also introduced the clips at WB’s big presentation, relaying a message straight from Maurice Sendak: “You know I really love this movie and I hope people like it, because if not they can all go straight to hell.”

Throughout Comic Con, fans, nerds and cinephiles from all walks of life were spotted sporting lovely cardboard Wild Things crowns akin to those nostalgic fast food hats of childhood yore, emphatically displaying their breathless anticipation for this fine film. Yet others went full out, rocking homemade wolf-suit Max costumes in spite of the scorching San Diego sun. Amidst the flurry of activity I was lucky enough to get a chance to catch up with Shawn and Max Records (stay tuned for a video interview!), the couldn’t-be-radder Catherine Keener, and Mr. Lance Bangs himself (pictured above in an orange visor), whose young son Marshall proudly showed off the signed Chewbacca autograph he had just received from Peter Mayhew. Comic Con– the place where dreams come true!

Nick DeWitt’s Supernatural Punishment

Published July 28, 2009 by Graham


Nick DeWitt’s new 12″ record Supernatural Punishment is a wondrous journey through four unique tracks of stellar instrumental music. The lack of vocals is an asset to these lovingly constructed tunes, encouraging the listeners to envelop themselves in the mystifying, jangly, nostalgic sounds DeWitt creates, and bask in the light of the easy images they paint. I was pleasantly surprised when I caught the former Pretty Girls Make Graves member performing at Ooga Booga last month. Coyly trumpeting and noodling around with a series of electronic devices throughout a quick-witted and playful set, DeWitt created a continuously morphing piece of music that both pacified and seduced the audience.

In case you were curious, yes, he is of the same DeWitt family that brings the world acclaimed novelist Patrick and Teenage Teardrops impresario/Hope Gallery co-owner Cali. It must be something in their genes.

Check out this cute short film set to the music of Nick DeWitt, directed by Momma’s Man auteur Azazel Jacobs:

Dumpster Diving

Published July 28, 2009 by Molly


“I walk without flinching through the burning cathedral of summer,” wrote French author Violette Leduc in her autobiography, “Mad in Pursuit”. If only New Yorkers could do the same!

The city, as usual, is scuzzy and hot during these summer months, and there’s little to do but sweat it out or, if you’re lucky enough to have a job with air-conditioning, freeze it out.


Unless you happen to receive an email from David Belt, Alix Feinkin or Jocko Weyland– the three geniuses behind the Dumpster Pools in a secret location in Brooklyn.

Using three industrial dumpsters, the men constructed a multi-pool haven that also features a barbecue, cabana, lounge chairs, pool toys and a bocce court. The water 18,000 gallons of water are kept pristine by a filtration system that allows everyone to splash about germ-free.

The pool is free but private–aka, open only to friends, family, and those with a connection to one of the three proprietors. The pool stays open through August, so you’ve got 1.5 months to work your connections. Get on it.

Skateboard Film Festival

Published July 27, 2009 by Dallas

These guys contacted us a while back but their site has been slowly and steadily building so we thought it’d be nice to share this trailer with you. It’s just a glimpse of some of the upcoming films that will be showing at the festival in Seattle. Good Luck guys!

Disney’s 1983 Where The Wild Things Are vector tests

Published July 27, 2009 by Dallas

Sure you might have already seen it, and sure it looks nothing like what we ended up doing but from a purely archival standpoint these rare tests of John Lasseter’s pre-mega success Wild Things tests are pretty great look at. Computers and animation? Crazy!

Rudy Johnson

Published July 27, 2009 by Spike


Rudy was OG Girl pro, runs Royal and was in the Blind video I made with Mark. I’ve known him since he was 16 and he is exactly the same guy. This is my favorite episode of Meza’s crail couch. It was one of the first and one of the best. Rudy talks about the time that he got his wife to drop in on a mini-ramp. For more crail couch, check the tap.

MySketch Mondays

Published July 27, 2009 by Dallas


Spike made me wait in his office, so I drew him all furry and vulnerable. – Josh Sheppard