YYY’s on European Tour

Published June 29, 2009 by Spike




We are still finishing post in London. Got to see Karen (our gifted co-composer) today who as you can see from the cover of The Guardian, played Glastonbury last night with a spectacular Christian Joy created headdress. Here are their summer dates. If they are playing near you, I highly recommend catching the show. The new songs sound epic live.

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5 comments so far

  1. Rob says:

    the new songs sound epic even not live

  2. batman says:

    Spike, (if you even read these comments), you are surrounded by THE coolest people in the world. Not just the YYYs, your casts and production teams and everyone you know. You’re the ultra-cool magnet.

    Btw: I’m more excited for WTWTA than any other movie. I think that’s because of this blog, and us fans feeling as though we were actually a part of the process. It’s really genuine. And don’t listen to anything Drew McWeeny says.

  3. jimmyjames says:

    oh KO!

  4. sale says:

    I’ve got to agree with batman… the WTWTA crew is composed of an amazing array of talented people. The YYYs happen to be one of my favorite bands. Not to forget Jack Lawrence, Dean Fertita, Imaad Wasif… One seriously spectacular crowd.

    I think it’s next to impossible for me to not crack a smile when Karen grins like that… ;)

  5. [...] posted a couple weeks ago about the incredible headdress Karen O. sported at the Glastonbury Festival, but [...]