Carl Kleiner: Jack of All Trades, Master of All

Published June 30, 2009 by Graham


The hardest part of writing a blog post about multimedia artist Carl Kleiner is choosing which pictures to share. Since nearly everything he makes is stunningly beautiful, it’s difficult to determine which images best highlight his genius. Should I post his photographs of everyday objects arranged to produce mind-melting geometric shapes? What about his graceful and stirring series of paper airplane photos? And then there’s the creepy life-size Barbie dolls haunting the uncanny valley with their human faces, and the cute series of self-portraits that features Kleiner trimming his Parent Trap-style imaginary twin’s moustache. And his playfully odd yet classy fashion photography! It’s all so brilliant– so stop reading my gushing hyperbole and go see for yourself.


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5 comments so far

  1. Joey says:

    I love this, it’s really amazing.

  2. Daniela says:

    I love the geometric piece, his website is pretty great too.

  3. Rob says:

    thanks for sharing! This guy is amazing

  4. Thor says:

    Senor Kleiner is breakfast, lunch and dinner, in case you didn’t already know! The host with the most!

  5. Yared says:

    thanx for the intro of this goosebumps givin “genius”.