The Mütter Museum

Published May 2, 2009 by Graham


If you ever find yourself in Philadelphia, you’d be highly remiss to skip the Mütter Museum, a collection of medical oddities and anatomical anomalies presented in gory detail for the public’s voyeuristic (and educational!) delight. It’s sort of like Body Worlds, but way more antiquated and unsettling– chock full of foetal deformities, olde thyme books leatherbound with manflesh, overgrown colons, and 19th century serial killer brains floating in formaldehyde. Beyond the freakish thrill of it all, there’s a lot to be learned at the Mütter Museum. You’ll pick up fascinating tidbits they don’t teach you in Biology 101, like how mankind’s evolution from four legged mammals to bipedals structurally impeded the birthing process, forcing a community-oriented cultural evolution. Also, they have a human horn exhibit. Humicorns!

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3 comments so far

  1. RareBit The Destroyer says:

    If you are ever in Culver City check out “The museum of Jurassic Technology”

    Somehow I’m sure you already have

  2. rkk says:

    we go every Christmas eve eve, or near there. it’s a family tradition. sadly we did not go last year. the place will simultaneously amaze and creep you at the same time.