Lance Bangs Photo of the Week

Published May 20, 2009 by Dallas



“The first images of Max Records I sent to Spike to suggest casting him.”

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19 comments so far

  1. Molly says:

    Look at those limpid eyes.

  2. max records says:

    Did i really look like that? It looks like a mug shot. pretty smooth.

  3. Fuelbot says:

    Max and I have the same birthday!

  4. Shawn Records says:

    looks like a mugshot.

    i think he’s guilty.

  5. Max looks evil lol. Good photo. -_-

  6. Leslie Fabert says:

    lol wow. i agree Kaitlin xD, he’s so hot though..EVEN AT AGE 9!!…weird xP

  7. Melissa says:

    Aww, what a cutie!

    And I’m beyond excited for the movie.

  8. Daniel18 says:

    Heey…:D I’m from Switzerland and I dont know what 4FT and 4IN means -.-???
    Please help me xD…. thx :)

  9. Jasmine Cruz says:

    I think he’s cute looking

  10. Jasmine Cruz says:

    oh max please send back and im 11

  11. Patrick Neil says:

    Hey guys! Nice photo Max. Nice movie as well. It’s good to see some Portland talent out there kicking some movie butt! Portland is great but, as I found out yesterday, walking from 166th and Airport way to 82nd and Glisan is not too fun…but at least a homeless guy felt sorry for me and gave me a bus pass. Anyways, if you are ever in the neighborhood you should check out our youth group on 11410 SE Stark St. We are a bit crazy and rowdy but nothing you’re probably not used to.

  12. Patrick Neil says:

    oh yeah starts at 7:15 pm on Thursdays if you are interested.

  13. Blanca says:

    Insane about this movie. this was the perfect kid to do this movie. truly a wild thing.

  14. Curtis says:

    HEY MAX!!

    hows life been?

    how was the movie?

  15. Evan says:

    Thanks for such a great movie, Max. I can’t wait to get the movie when it comes out on Blu-Ray. I also find it funny that June 18 is the day that “Toy Story 3″ comes out, which I’ve been wanting to tell you. I’m so looking forward to that movie and I hope that if you like to see it that if you wind up, enjoy it.

  16. Eta says:

    I love Max.

  17. cristine says:

    aww so cute!

  18. rose says:

    Awhhh He Has Really changed : ) Hes the same age as me and he looks alot older than i did at nine but hes aged and i also have : ) – He’s an amazing actor.

  19. afdil says:

    Anyone seeing this is a pretty good idea for a photograph? “Cute mugshot” photography for the kids. Hehe.

    Hey Max, my man. You’ve done a greeeeaaaat job and i love it. I won’t be surprised if the oscar will nod to you for this. seriously. :D

    I love Max because I’m seeing him (either character or real one, you decide) full of joy of being a wild rumptious boy, and he will do that again without embarrassment of his own thought of growing up and everything. Frankly, i wish i could be max.