Abandoned Opulence: Mike Tyson’s Sad Pad

Published May 1, 2009 by Graham

In honor of Tyson, James Toback’s acclaimed new documentary (it won a prize at Cannes called “Un Certain Regard Knockout Award”– which I guess is a real thing?) about the titular heavyweight boxing champion’s fall from grace, we’re posting images of Mike Tyson’s abandoned Ohio mansion. These photographs are the result of various intrepid explorers’ pilgrimages to the melancholy ground zero of Tyson’s downward spiral. Less of a house and more a cavernous, hollow reminder of the volatile boxer’s former glory, the space remains frozen in time, eerie in its emptiness.

Might this forsaken estate, with its vacant tiger cages, be foreshadowing the inevitable decline of American indulgence? Could scenes like these become common in the wake of our current financial woes? Is this a harbinger of doom for excessively extravagant cribs? Probably not– there’d be a full-on civil war before the upper upper crust ditches their cribs– but it’s still a stunning, humbling experience to set eyes upon photographs of such massive, tangible loss.

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2 comments so far

  1. watson says:

    Nice thoughts. Sounds like an entirely new project a film maker or photographer could explore. Toback was on NPR (Terry Gross Fresh Air) 2 weeks ago. It was a sit in the car and listen moment. Very engaging content. Can’t wait to see the film.


  2. B.P. says:

    Great read, plus awesome collection of photos. It would be cool to see some ‘before’ photos as well, which possibly the film shows? Even for Tyson the home seemed pretty tasteless, which seems even more sad when seen empty.